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Abhayagiri Buddhist Monastery - [Redwood Valley CA] - A Buddhist community in the tradition of Ajahn Chah, Ajahn Sumedho and Amaravati Buddhist Monastery. Ajahn Pasanno and Ajahn Amaro are co-abbots of the Abhayagiri Buddhist Monastery, north of San Francisco, in Redwood Valley (Mendocino County), California. Abhayagiri is a monastery in the Theravadin forest tradition.

Abhidhamma Vipassana - Books and articles about Theravada Buddhism. The theory and practice of Satipatthana Vipassana (insight meditation) according to the Pali Tipitaka.

Access to Insight - Readings in Theravada Buddhism - [MA] -

Africa Buddha Dhamma - Myanmar Buddhist Association of South Africa site is simply to inform any interested people in the world but particularly in Africa that there is a Theravadin Buddhist Monastery functioning in South Africa. The site also includes basic Buddhism, meditation principles and some pages for the children. It also includes a list of some other South African Buddhist groups.

Albuquerque Vipassana Community - [NM] -

Amaravati Buddhist Monastery - [UK] -

Amaravati Upasika Association - [UK] -

Angulimala - Buddhist Prison Chaplaincy - [UK] -

Arrow River Community Center - [Thunder Bay ONT] -

Aruna Ratanagiri - This site introduces readers to a branch monastery of Wat Nong Pah Pong and Wat Pah Nanachat. The abbot, Ajahn Munindo leads this small monastic training community which also provides guest accommodation for lay visitors.

Aukana Trust - [Wiltshire UK] - A charitable trust located in Wiltshire, UK which runs a meditation center, two monasteries, and publishes its own books. Headed by Alan James, who trained in Thailand.
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Barre Center for Buddhist Studies [Barre MA] - dedicated to bringing together teachers, students, scholars & practitioners who are committed to exploring Buddhist thought & practice as a living tradition, faithful to its origins & lineage, yet adaptable & alive in each new time & place.

Beyond the Net - Is a comprehensive presentation of Theravada Buddhism. Explore BEYOND THE NET to find the answers to the following which will lead you to inward peace, security and wisdom. Why Meditate ? Mind is the architect of the Universe. We are not prisoners of our past. Is your suffering the will of an Almighty God ? Suffering can be totally overcome-the great affirmation of the Buddha. The way to liberation from the bondages of suffering. Is Nibbana, the Supreme Bliss, a reality? Human destiny after death.You may submit questions to us by e-mail for further clarifications on theTeachings of the Buddha.

Bhavana Society - [High View WV] - established in Washington DC, in 1982. The Bhavana Society Web is the site for information about our Forest Monastery and Retreat Center. You'll also find Dhamma articles by our teacher Bhante Rahula and our abbot, Bhante Henepola Gunaratana, author of Mindfulness in Plain English and The Path of Serenity and Insight. BSW will be growing to include a wide variety of Buddha Dhamma from the Theravada Perspective.

Birken Forest Monastery - [Princeton BC] -

Bodhinyanarama - [Wellington NZ] - Bodhinyanarama is a monastic residence of the Theravada tradition of Buddhism 29 kms from Wellington, New Zealand. It has its origins in the Thai Forest Tradition and is associated with the many branch monasteries of the highly revered and respected meditation master Ajahn Chah who died in the early 1990's. This Web Site contains information on what is going on at Bodhinyanarama.

Buddha Dhamma by Ajahn Chah -

Buddhadharma Meditation Center - [Hinsdale IL] -

BuddhaNet - [U.Western Sydney, Australia] -

Buddhi Vihara - Buddhi Vihara is a Sri Lankan Buddhist temple in San Francisco Bay Area, promoting Theravada Buddhism, and providing spiritual guidance and meditation practice in the name of the Dhamma. We are located in the heart of Silicon Valley.

Buddhaviharas - Buddhaviharas is a non-sectarian Buddhist mailing list providing daily inspirational messages relating to the four immeasurables (or Brahmaviharas) of lovingkindness, compassion, joy and equanimity. Featured quotations in the past have included the Dalai Lama, Sharon Salzberg, Pema Chodron, Ayya Khema, Jack Kornfield. Discussion of any of the immeasurables is welcome! In addition, anyone is welcome to submit quotations relating to these topics at any time.

Buddhayana Centre Netherlands - [Netherlands] -

Buddhism Depot - The Buddhism Depot website contains a Discussion Forum, chat room, mailing list, largest collection of Dhammapada translations on Internet, Buddhist humor, a Buddhist art gallery, outline of the tripitaka, an online bookstore, and is home of the Meditating Buddhists. In addition, it has a Dhammapada Quote of the Moment for frequent visitors. Many Buddhists gather together at the site to chat and discuss Buddhist topics.

Buddhism & Insight - [London UK] -

Buddhist Center of Dallas - [Dallas TX] -

Buddhist Cultural Centre - [Dehiwala, Sri Lanka] -

Buddhist Pen Pal Home Page - Set up in 1997, the Buddhist Pen Pal Dhamma Home Page was built to cater to the needs of Dhammafarers to communicate with, help and support each other.

Buddhist Propagation Society (MettaNet) - [Glendale CA] -

Buddhist Publication Society - [SRI LANKA] -

Buddhist Retreat Centre - [Ixopo, South Africa] - a traditional, semi-monastic environment for the study and practise of Buddhist meditation, philosophy, psychology and allied arts and disciplines.

Buddhist Society of Western Australia - [Nollamara, WA, Australia] - established to encourage the teaching, practice and realization of the Dhamma, with special emphasis on Theravada Buddhism. The Society established Bodhinyana Monastery in Serpentine, 60 km south of Perth, and supports the monastic community living there. In 1998, the Society bought a large piece of natural busland in Gidgegannup and progess is under way to establish a nuns' monastery, named Dhammasara Monastery.

Buddhist Study Association of Greater New York - [W Orange, NJ] -

Buddhist Wisdom Centre - [Selangor, Malaysia] -

Buddhi Vihara - [Santa Clara, CA] -

Budismo Theravada en Espagnol -

BUDSIR Project - The entire Pali Tipitaka as well as other Buddhist texts have been put on CD-ROM by the Mahidol University in Thailand and its the BUDSIR project.

BUDUGE - The website is entitled "BUDUGE" which is a Sinhala word freely translated as Buddha's Home. Traditionally the shrine room in the temple is referred to as 'BUDUGE". It contains four comprehensive essays: Two entitled 'Kamma' and 'Buddhist Meditation', and two other essays by Bogoda Premaratne, Secretary General of the Asian Conference on Religion and Peace, called 'Yoniso Manasikara' or 'Wise Consideration' and 'Cessation'. It also contains graphics of Thuparama Dageba built in the 3rd century B.C., the first Dageba built in Sri Lanka and several other places of worship in Sri Lanka built nearly two millenium ago.
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Cambridge Insight Meditation Center - [Cambridge MA] -

Centre Bouddhique International - [Bourget, France] -

Centro Mexicano del Buddhismo Theravada - [Mexico] -

Chanmyay Sayadaw Centres and Teachings -

Chieng Mai Dhamma Study Group - [Chiang Mai, Thailand] -

Chieng Mai Dhamma Study Group - The aim of this website is to provide an Introduction to Theravada Buddhism and make available particularly the teachings of Ven P.A. Payutto, universally acknowledged as Thailand's foremost Buddhist scholar (including a comprehensive work called "Buddhist Economics: A Middle Way for the marketplace"), and Ven Ajahn Sumedho, the foremost Western disciple of the late Ajahn Chah.

Cloud Mountain Meditation Center - [Castle Rock WA] -

Council of Thai Bhikkhus in the USA -

Cyber-Buddhist Initiative - This is a Malaysian Vipassana web site. A link on this page points to the "Vipassana Tribune", which has some interesting articles on the practice of vipassana meditation. It also has a list of Meditation Centres in Malaysia.
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Deep Spring Center for Meditation & Spiritual Inquiry - [Ann Arbor MI] -

Dhammaduta - The Theravada Bhikkhu Sangha - The purpose of this web-page is to document the continuing drama, as Bhikkhus of the Theravada lineage continue this mission of bringing the Dhamma to new lands. Although the efforts of the bhikkhunis (and in this day, the mae-chis, siladharas, anagarinis, etc.) as well as the laity are recognised in the spread of Buddhism, this site focuses on the Bhikkhu Sangha as it represents the most visible flag-bearer of Theravada Buddhism.

Dhammapada - Web site of The Dhammapada (Path of Truth), translated with notes by Ñarada Thera. Foreword by Bhikkhu Kassapa. Introduction by Dr E. J. Thomas.

Dhammakaya Buddhist Meditation Foundation - [Thailand] -

Dhammaloka Buddhist Centre - [Nallamara, WA, Australia] -

Dhammananda Vihara - Theravada Buddhist Society of America - [Half Moon Bay CA] -

Dhammasala Forest Monastery - [Perry, MI] - Forest monastery with an American Abbot ordained in Thailand, Ahjahn Khemasanto (Douglas Johnson).

Dhamma Study - Writings in Thai and English focused on the Tripitaka. There is also an on-line study group where all are welcome.
Webmaster : Amara Chayabongse :

Dhamma Web - [Sri Lanka] -
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Eightfold-l - Eightfold-l is a discussion list on the Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path of Buddhism. This list is to be used as a sort of "study group" for beginners and advanced students alike.

Everything into Hearts - This is a non profit web site aimed to distribute the teaching of Ajahn Sumano, American forest monk, who wrote two famous books named " Questions from the City, Answer from the forest" and "Meeting the momkey half way". It also aimed to be the link between the people who interest in Buddhism can ask questions of their interest to Ajahn Sumano.
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Florida Buddhist Vihara - [USA] -
Florida Buddhist Vihara, Inc., 2208 Maydell drive, Tampa, Florida 33619, U.S.A

Forest Hermitage - [UK] - Wat Pah Santidhamma or The Forest Hermitage is a small, peaceful Buddhist monastery after the style of the forest monasteries of N.E. Thailand but set in the heart of England. Apart from its function as a Buddhist monastery and a focus for Buddhist teaching, practice and traditional observances, The Forest Hermitage is also the headquarters of ANGULIMALA, the Buddhist Prison Chaplaincy Organisation.

Forest Sangha Newsletter - The Forest Sangha is a world-wide Buddhist community in the Thai Forest tradition of Ajahn Chah. The newsletter contains news, views, articles, transcribed talks,poems, tutorials, contact addresses, forthcoming events, retreat schedules,etc.

Forest Way Insight Meditation Center - [Columbia MD] -

Fundamental Buddhism - Fundamental Buddhism Explained. Buddhist Instruction. Explanation of Buddhism based on the Pali Canon recognized by Buddhist scholars as the oldest record of what the Buddha taught. The Essence of the Buddha's Teachings. Interactive Buddhist Instruction.
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Gaia House - [UK] - A Centre for Meditation, Enquiry and Compassion. Gaia House offers Insight Meditation (known as Vipassana in the Buddhist tradition) and Zen Retreats throughout the year. The Centre provides comprehensive Dharma teachings and spiritual practices to realize wisdom and compassion in daily life. The Centre is not tied to any religion. The teachings explore depths of awareness and the discovery of an enlightened life.

Green Mountain Sangha - [Middlebury VT] -
  .  H  .

Harnham Buddhist Monastery -
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Insight Meditation (Christopher Titmuss) - Dharma teachings and insight meditation practices, known as Vipassana in the Buddhist Tradition, have a single purpose. They point to an enlightened life. To explore these teachings, participation in an insight meditation retreat is strongly recommended or direct instruction from an insight meditation teacher. May the teachings, meditations, reflections and information contained prove beneficial to all visitors. These teachings are not intended to represent any religious tradition or retreat centre.

Insight Meditation Community of Washington DC - The Insight Meditation Community of Washington DC is vipassana meditation group approximately in the tradition of the Insight Meditation Society (IMS) in Barre, Massacheusetts, USA. Tara Brach is the founding and guiding Dhamma teacher. Over 100 meditators attend the weekly sitting / class. Meditation retreats of one, three, or seven days are held regularly in the Washington, DC area. Please feel free to contact us at :

Insight Meditation Society - [Barre MA] - IMS was founded in 1975 as a nonprofit organization to provide a place for the intensive practice of Insight Meditation. IMS operates a retreat center set on 80 wooded acres in the quiet country of central Massachusetts. It provides a secluded environment for intensive meditation practice.

Insight Meditation Society of Orange County - [CA] -

Insight Mission Society - [Burbank CA] - a non-profit organization of monks and laypeople dedicated to sharing the teachings of the Buddha and providing meditation instruction to all who wish to benefit from them. We work at this through service in the community with programs such as reading to children in the hospital, visiting the elderly, bringing meals to shut-ins, teaching meditation to pain patients, providing adaptive computers to quadriplegics, etc.

Inspiration from the written word - In this section, short extracts of Dhamma books of Luang Por Chah's teaching and some complete books of teachings from Luang Luang Por Sumedho and other teachers will be posted. Luang Por Chah's teachings will come from various sources; extracts from books, Dhamma talks and interviews.

International Buddhist Center - [Silver Spring MD] -

International Buddhist Centre - [Le Bourget, France] -

International Meditation Society (IMC-USA) - [MD] -

International Meditation Centres in the Sayagyi U Ba Khin Tradition - There are five International Meditation Centres in the Sayagyi U Ba Khin Tradition: in England, in Western Australia, in East Australia, in the U.S.A. and in Austria. These Centres were founded to provide facilities for the instruction and practice of Theravada Buddhist Meditation. Each of the Centres in the West is a direct offspring of the International Meditation Centre of Yangon, Myanmar, which was founded by Sayagyi U Ba Khin. All the Centres are guided by Mother Sayamagyi and Sayagyi U Chit Tin, two of Sayagyi U Ba Khin's closest disciples, who have practised and taught meditation for more than forty years and have carried on the tradition since Sayagyi U Ba Khin's demise in 1971.

Israel Insight Society -
  .  J  .

Jaya Sri Maha Bodhiya - [Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka] -
  .  K  .

Kelaniya Raja Maha Vihara - [Kelaniya, Sri Lanka] -
  .  L  .

London Buddhist Vihara - [London UK] -

London Buddhist Vihara - The London Buddhist Vihara, England is a major Theravadin Buddhist centre of long standing with resident Sangha
  .  M  .

Madison Insight Meditation Group - [WI] -

Mahindarama Sunday Pali School - [Penang MALAYSIA] -

Metta Forest Monastery - [Valley Center CA] -

Metta Forest Monastery - Located in an avocado orchard on a hill surrounded by the mountains and chaparral of northern San Diego county, Metta Forest Monastery offers the opportunity for lay people to come and stay for individual retreats of long or short duration. It also offers the opportunity for men to ordain in the Theravada lineage and train in the practices of the Thai Forest Tradition. Metta was founded in 1990 by Phra Ajaan Suwat Suvaco, a student of Phra Ajaan Munn Bhuridatto. The current abbot - Thanissaro Bhikkhu (Geoffrey DeGraff) - grew up in rural New York and Virginia, and was later ordained as a monk in Thailand in 1976. He trained for ten years under Ajaan Fuang Jotiko, a member of the Forest Tradition, until the latter's death in 1986. After returning to the States to help set up Metta in 1991, he was made abbot of the monastery in 1993 and was formally made a preceptor in 1995.

Metta Foundation - [Portland OR] -

Metta Net - Lanka - [Sri Lanka] -

MidAmerica Dharma Group - [Kansas City MO] -

Mid America Dharma - Mid America Dharma offers insight meditation to the central region of the USA. The web site offers information on: local meditation groups in the area between the Appalachian and Rocky Mountain ranges; Mid America Dharma retreats and retreats of most other insight meditation groups throughout the USA; and links to other insight meditation sites throughout the world.

Mid-Peninsula Insight Meditation Center - [Palo Alto CA] -

Mihintalava - The Birthplace of SriLankan Buddhist Civilization

Myanmar Buddhist Association of South Africa - [South Gate, SOUTH AFRICA] -
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Nalanda : Centro de Estudos Buddhistas e Meditacao - [BRASIL] -

Nanavira Thera Dhamma Page - The aim of this website is to make more widely available the writings of the late Ven. Ñánavíra Thera which, though of extraordinary quality and depth, do not - for different reasons - attract any of the established Buddhist publishers. It is presented as a dhammadána (gift of Dhamma) and with a deep sense of gratitude by individuals whose lives were significantly affected by an encounter with these writings, in the hope that others, too, might appreciate the right-view guidance which is offered therein.

Natural Buddhist Meditation Temple (Watpa Chicago) - [Burbank IL] -

New York Insight Meditation Center - New York Insight is a non-residential meditation center that provides insight meditation retreats, courses, workshops and other programs to people in the New York City area. Beginning and experienced meditators are welcome. NYI is a not-for-profit organization. - This Theravada Buddhism Site, started in May 1998, is being managed by Dr. Maung. M. Lwin and family, from London, who receive guidance and spiritual input from many Myanmar Monks from the U.K, U.S.A, South Africa and Myanmar (Burma). Our main aim is to re-publish the teachings and views of the eminent Sayadaws (Abbots) from Burma (Myanmar) and the Pali translations and special articles written by other distinguished monks and lay authors on Theravada Buddhism as well as cultural aspects of the Myanmar Buddhists in the wonderful 'Land of Pagodas'.

Nyanavira Thera Dhamma Page - The aim of this web site is to make more widely available the writings of the late Ven. Nyanavira Thera which, though of extraordinary quality and depth, do not -- for different reasons -- attract any of the established Buddhist publishers.
  .  O  .

Oxford International Meditation Centre -
51 Collinwood Road, Oxford, OX3 8HH, UK
Telephone / fax : +441865767456
Website :
Email :
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Parinibbana (Portuguese) - A guide to the Buddhism according to the Pali canon (in Portuguese). This site covers theoretical and practical aspects of Theravada tradition. Um guia para o Buddhismo de acordo com o cânon páli. Esse site cobre aspectos teóricos e práticos da tradição Theravada.

Philadelphia Meditation Center - [Havertown PA] -

Portland Insight Meditation Community - [Portland OR] - The Portland Insight Meditation Community (PIMC) is a gathering of individuals who are dedicated to the learning and practice of Insight Meditation and the Eightfold Path of the Buddha. The PIMC began in 1978 as the Portland Vipassana Sangha. Robert Beatty is the founding and guiding teacher.
  .  Q  .

Quintessence of Buddhism - Culasunnatta Sutta - The Quintessence of Buddhism or Seven Steps to Nirvana. The Sutta (121). An excerpt from 'A Treasury of the Buddha's Words', translated by Ven. Nyanamoli, Thera.
  .  R  .

Ratanagiri : Harnham Buddhist Monastery - [UK] -

Rocky Mountain Insight - [Colorado Springs CO] -
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Sadhu! - The Sadhu! web site specialises in a Theravada Buddhism. It has an updated Web Directory of Buddhist organisations, which is very useful resource for Theravadin Buddhists.

Sae Taw Win II Dhamma Center - [Sebastopol CA] - established by Dr. Thynn Thynn, a Burmese-born Dhamma teacher in March, 1997. A Samatha-Vipassana Center in the lineage of the late Ven. Shwe Baw Gyun Sayadaw of Burma, it was founded on the principles of metta (non-violence), dana (charity), sila (keeping the precepts), bhavana (cultivation of the mind towards enlightenment.) Sae Taw Win II Dhamma Foundation was founded in in order to establish a permanent Dhamma Center cum residential Dhamma community.

Sae Taw Win II Dhamma Center - Sae Taw Win II Dhamma Center was temporaily established by Dr. Thynn Thynn a Burmese born Dhamma teacher in Sebastopol, nothern California in March, 1997. A Samatha-Vipassana Center in the lineage of the late Ven. Shwe Baw Gyun Sayadaw of Burma, it was founded on the principles of metta (non-violence), dana (charity), sila (keeping the precepts), bhavana (cultivation of the mind towards enlightenment.) Sae Taw Win II Dhamma Foundation was founded in inorder to establish a permanent Dhamma Center cum residential Dhamma community.

Samatha Trust - [UK] - founded in 1973 to keep alive the Buddha's teaching through providing opportunities to learn and practise Samatha, a traditional form of Buddhist meditation based on mindfulness of breathing. In actual fact, the form of meditation practiced is Samatha-Vipassana, developing Samatha (calm), as a basis for Vipassana (insight). This site provides information about local Samatha meditation groups throughout the UK, and also events run by the Trust.

Sangha in Cyberspace - Dynamic Mindfulness Meditation/Study Group website. Meetings are twice a month in Redwood Meadows, AB. Ca. (outside Calgary) to study and practice Theravada doctrines and Vipassana. Most are advanced meditators. My mentor was the late Bhante Piyadassai from 1975 until his passing (1998). He visited us regularly and trained me personally in Theravada Dhamma, Abhidhamma, Psychology and Vipassana. I have a Master in religious studies (U of C) besides his tuition and attend, even now, classes in Buddhism at UC, presently: Ven. Prof. Dhammajoti from Sri Lanka University is teaching: "Abhidhamma Doctrines". Thus, as editor of the web page, I bring my own studies, practice and now teaching to the short essays I write based on suttas and meditation experience, as well as short quotations from Buddhist sources. The web page anounces retreats and recaps previous one's with pictures. Mechele Calvert (Mangalika Dhammacarya).

Sanghapala Foundation - [Redwood Valley, CA] - the lay steward organization for Abhayagiri Buddhist Monastery.

Sasanarakkha Buddhist Sanctuary - Sasanarakkha means "Guardian of the Sasana". A Buddhist sanctuary located in Malaysia for the training of Theravada Buddhist monks in theory and practice of the Dhamma-vinaya. Dedicated to evolving a modern Theravada Buddhist identity guided by the scriptural tradition.

Sati Center for Buddhist Studies - [Palo Alto CA] -

Satipatthana - The Foundations of Mindfulness - Dedicated to an in-depth study of the Satipatthana and Anapanasati Suttas in the Theravada tradition. Also hosts the North Jersey Mindfulness Community Web site.

Seattle Insight Meditation Society - [Seattle WA] - The Seattle Insight Meditation Society (SIMS) is a non-profit organization devoted to offering the Buddha's teachings on insight and awareness to all those who seek them. SIMS offers classes in insight meditation and retreats.

Show Me Dharma : Insight Meditation in Mid-Missouri

Skillful Meditation Project - [Idyllwild CA] -

Southern Dharma Retreat Center - [Hot Springs NC] -

Spirit Rock Meditation Center - [Woodacre CA] -

Sri Dalada Maligawa - Kandy, Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan Buddhist Temples (Australia) - This is the website for information on Sri Lankan Buddhist Temples in Australia. Committees of Sri Lankan Buddhist temples in Australia are invited to publish information on their temples and to provide notes on relegious activities organized by temples. To add, update or delete information from this page, please contact Wasantha Perera, webmaster of this site at

Staten Island Buddhist Vihara (SIBV) - The web site is devoted to the resources and activities of the Staten Island Buddhist Vihara situated in New York City, NY, USA. The site contains information useful tol Buddhists of all ages. There is a special section for Buddhist children. There is a chat room in the site for Dhamma discussions. It contains extracts from the Theravada Doctrine and several essays on the Buddha Dhamma.

Suan Mokkhabalarama - [Thailand] - Suan Mokkh is a forest monastery along the coast of Southern Thailand, 600 km from Bangkok. It was founded in 1932 by Buddhadasa Bhikkhu and grew to become the most innovative and progressive Buddhist teaching center in Thailand. Although Buddhadasa Bhikkhu has passed away, much of his work continues. This WWW site is a continuation of that work, one of many virtual Suan Mokkhs. As the true Suan Mokkh can only be found within the nature of the silent mind, any attempt to speak of it is virtual, whether in talks, books, or cyberspace.

Sunnataram California Meditation Monastery - [Escondido CA] - in the Thai tradition. Venerable Yantra Amaro is resident abbot.
  .  T  .

Taiwan Vipassana Center - [Yangmae, Taiwan] -

Theravada.Net - A gateway to the original teachings of Gotama Buddha as preserved by the Theravadin Elders. Theravada is a Buddhist sect which tries to maintain the Buddhist scriptures and traditions as they are without any attempt to add, modify or cut off certain part of them. This sect is adhered predominantly at Thailand, Sri Lanka, Burma, and Cambodia. General information and special contents are available now in several languages: English, Indonesian and Thai. Other languages such as Nepalese might be available in the future.
  .  V  .

Vihara Jakarta Dhammacakka Jaya - [Jakarta, Indonesia] - - offers resources and support to meditators in the Theravada tradition. Several hundred people have participated in the free 10 week Online Meditation Course since it began in 1997. Led by Andrew Quernmore, a London-based meditation teacher, the course introduces both samatha and vipassana techniques and is currently available in English and Russian (Spanish and French translations are in progress). The site also offers access to modern texts and a full- text search facility on major suttas from the Pali canon.

Vipassanagruppen - [Stockholm, Sweden] -

Vipassana Hawaii [Honolulu HI] - retreats, sitting groups, special projects in Honolulu and Greater Hawaii, under direction of Steven Smith and Michele McDonald-Smith. Vipassana Hawaii is currently based on the island of Oahu. The group meets twice a week for group sittings. The main purpose of a sangha is to provide support and friendship to those that are practicing the teachings of the Buddha. We are currently looking for a space on which we will build a retreat center.

Vipassana Meditation : Courses in the Art of Living - The home page of the North American organization which offers courses in Vipassana Meditation in the tradition of Sayagyi U Ba Kin as taught by S.N. Goenka and his assistant teachers. There are numerous Centers in India and Southern Asia; six Centers in North America; seven Centers in Europe; seven Centers in Australia / New Zealand; and one Center in Japan. Each Center maintains its own schedule of regular ten day Vipassana courses.

Vipassana Metta Foundation - [Maui HI] -

The Vipassana Page - The Vipassana Page holds a collection of resources for Insight Meditation (Vipassana) and Theravada Buddhism including: Free educational materials. Archive of Buddhist writings by women. A guide to Vipassana & Theravada web resources. A guide to locating meditation groups Home of the "Vipassana" listserv. A fully moderated discussion list for those interested in mature discussion about Theravada Buddhism and Vipassana meditation.

Vipassana Research Institute - A Resource Center for students of Vipassana Meditation. This web site has been created with the purpose of providing reference material and information on the core teachings of The Buddha and specifically on the Vipassana Meditation Technique as taught in the tradition of Sayagyi U Ba Khin under the guidance of his chief disciple, S. N. Goenka. The objective is to provide an insight into the practical aspect of The Buddha's teaching.

Virtuous Reality - Buddhist Pages for Kids -
  .  W  .

Washington D.C. Buddhist Vihara - [Washington D.C.] - an educational and religious organization dedicated to the presentation of Buddhist thought, practice, and culture.

Wat Buddhadharma - [Hinsdale IL] -

Wat Buddhamongkolnimit - [Albuquerque NM] -

Wat Buddhananachat of Austin - [Austin TX] -

Wat Buddharam - Buddhist Center of New Mexico - [Albuquerque NM] -

Wat Buddharama - [Netherlands] -

Wat Buddharangsee - [AU] -

Wat Buddharatanaram - [Keller TX] -

Wat Buddhavas - [Houston TX] -

Wat Carolina Buddhajakra Vanaram - [Bolivia NC] - Wat Carolina Buddhajakra Vanaram, is a Theravadin monastary and meditation center located in coastal North Carolina. The Abbot is Tan Ajahn Phrakru Buddhamonpricha, Secretary-General of the Dhammayut Order, USA. Lay practisioners represent varied cultures and compliment each other in dhamma practise. The Buddhist Holy Days are observed at the Wat, with large attendance at special ceremonies and festivals. A meditation group meets every Sunday.

Wat Chairatanaram - [Oklahoma City OK] -

Wat Dhammabucha - [San Antonio TX] -

Wat Dhammaram - [Chicago IL] -

Wat Kow Tahm - Located in Thailand, on the island of Koh Phangan, the International Meditation Center attracts people from all over the world interested in studying and practicing the methods, techniques and tools of mental development taught by Rosemary and Steve Weissman, the resident teachers since 1988. They feel that through an overall and balanced mental development practice, we may be able to gain Insight into our own nature and the laws of Nature; developing deep Compassion and Understanding of the origins of difficulties and stress, and how to end them.

Watpa Chicago - [Burbank IL] -

Wat Pah Santhidhama - [Carrolltan VA] -

Wat Pah Santidhamma - Wat Pah Santidhamma or The Forest Hermitage is a small, peaceful Buddhist monastery after the style of the forest monasteries of N.E. Thailand but set in the heart of England. Apart from its function as a Buddhist monastery and a focus for Buddhist teaching, practice and traditional observances, The Forest Hermitage is also the headquarters of ANGULIMALA, the Buddhist Prison Chaplaincy Organisation.

Wat Phraspiratanamahadatu - [Chicago IL] -

Wat Promkunaram - [Waddell AZ] -

Wat Saddhadhamma - [Converse TX] -

Wat Samakkidhammaram - [Long Beach CA] -

Wat Santidham - [Augusta GA] -

Wat Suthat - Wat Suthat Thep Wararamworavihara is one of Thailand's six most important temples, located in the heart of Rattanakosin Island, which was the center of old Bangkok. Phra Sakayamuni is the principal Buddha Statue of the temple. This Buddha Statue is placed over the heart of the city in correspondence with Tamrab Mahapichaisongkram and the meaning of Pang Marn Vichai Style, that is the victory over the demon. This meaning is the main meaning of Ayothaya city: "The city that never loses against anyone". More than 200 years have passed by and the truth of this has come about according to Somdej Phrabuddha Yod Fah Chulalok, the first great king of the Chakkri Dynasty, who established Bangkok.

Wat Thai D.C. - [Washington DC] - a non-profit Buddhist center serving the Thai and Thai-American communities. The Wat is the focal point for cultural and educational activities for the community, as well as an information center for Americans interested in Thailand and Buddhism.

Wat Thai of LA - [Los Angeles CA] -

Wat Thaton - [Chiang Mai, Thailand] -

Wat Tummaprateip Virginia-Washington DC - [Accokeek MD] -

Wat Yarnnarangsee Buddhist Monastery - [Sterling VA] -

World Fellowship of Buddhists (WFB) - [Bangkok, Thailand] -
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Yanviriya Buddhist Temple - A Theravada Buddhist temple located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Wat Yanviriya Buddhist Temple opened in 1992. Luangphor Viriyang Sirinatharo performed the official consecration in July 1999. The Temple is offering a Meditation Instructor Course in Vancouver. Classes will be held in English each weekday evening. Apart from the cost of purchasing the textbook, there is no charge for the course. All are welcome to attend this course.

Yatagala Raja Maha Viharaya - [Unawatuna (Galle), Sri Lanka]

Young Men's Buddhist Association (YMBA) - [Singapore] -
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