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News  >  Sri  Lanka
Dept of Gov.Info. SL >
[Sinhala] - [Tamil] - [SL Onlineav (Video)]
SL Gov. News > [Sinhala] - [Tamil]
Media Centre for National Development (MCND)
SL Defence Ministry - [ Si ] - [ Tamil ]
SL Army - [ Si ] SL Navy  : SL Air Force
Civil Military Coordination in Jaffna
ITN SL (TV) News Page - [Live - swf]
Ada Derana : [En] - [Si] - [Ta] - [Vid]
A.D. Br. News : [ En ] - [ Si ] - [ Ta ]
Daily Mirror, SL Cartoon of the day
Times Online, SL Tamil Mirror, SL
Lankadeepa (Si) (Si)
Ceylon Today Mawbima Dan (Si)
NethFM News (Si) => Balumgala Vid.s
Lankapuvath : - [Si] - [Eng] -
Rivira Esena Puvath [Si] -  The Nation
economynext Lanka Business Online
SLBC - Sri Lanka (Radio) News
LankaCNews (Si) LankaCNews (En)
Google > News > Sri Lanka
Click Search tools => Sorted by relevance
=> Sorted by date (for latest news) > Sri Lanka
SLBC - On demand Eng. News (mp3)
Lanka Today - from
Lanka Page Colombo Page
Asian Tribune Lanka Academic
SL News Online > Latest News
Hiru FM News (Si) - Firefox > For every Web Page > Click Shift+F7 > Click on the 'eye' of sin_custom.css > Close 'Style Editor' > Now you can select & Copy text
Rivira Online (Si)
Gold FM News (En) Sooriyan FM N.(Ta)
Lakbima (Si) Colombo Gazette
Sri Lanka Mirror SL Mirror (Si)
SPUR [AUS] [NZ] Lanka Web
Sinhalaya Puvath Sinhalaya News
One Sri Lanka Peace Watch
Gossip Lanka News :
- [Underground] - [Inside Lanka]
News First : [Sinhala] - [Tamil] - [Eng]
Lanka Truth - [Si] LNWeb - [Si]
TV - Radio - NewsPapers in Sri Lanka

Mawbima ePaper (jpg Image Files)

Rupavahini TV - ITN TV - SLBC (Radio) - Lakhanda (Radio) - Swarnavahini TV - Derana TV/Radio - MAX TV/Radio - SIRASA TV/Radio - MTV - SHAKTHI TV - Neth FM - Asura FM - YesFM - TNL Radio - Rangiri Dambulu Radio - . . . .
Search Lanka News
SLRC Video (Ondemand)
[Sinhala News] <> [Tamil News]
BBC Sinhala (Sandeshaya)
South Asian Media Net > Sri Lanka
MulPituwa - Sri Lankan News - News
Sri Lanka Today
Sri Lanka News Now
YouTube - Wanni Operation
from lkwebnews

Mathugama Seneviruwan
Kalaya - Prof. Nalin de Silva
Minister Patali Champika Ranawaka

The Port of Hambantota (Magamtota) :
[Video 1] - [Video 2]
[More Videos] - [Articles]

Secret US Embassy Cables
- by WikiLeaks From : [ ]
- [ ] - [ ]
- [ ]
Wikileaks releases 1,646 US embassy cables - originated from Colombo (25.08.2011)

Sinhala  Songs
[Sinhala MP3 Songs] & [Sinhala Lyrics]
- from
Download Sinhala MP3 (srimp3)
Amaraneeya Gee
Gee Mihira  -

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Geetha Sagare .com
(Sinhala - Tamil - English - Hindi - Japanese)

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More Info
Amara Sara Arana
Songs written by Arisen Ahubudu
Listen to Himaw Arana
- from
Sinhala MP3 from
Miyuru Gee (.ram)
Tharu Radio - [ Webplayer ]
- Srilankan classical sinhala songs, & Hindi songs
Download Sinhala New Year Songs
SoundDrain : enables you to download any track from SoundCloud !
(Bookmark SoundDrain)
( To Copy the Link : Click '</>' in the SoundCloud Widget)

Video  Movies  >  Sri  Lanka
Diyamanthi  Nethra - by Lakith Silva & Chris Roshan  =
(Sinhala Music Video released on 14-02-2014)
ITN TV - Alu Banduna Tele Drama
[ Episode 1 to 100 ]
YouTube > LankaMaxVideos - Download Audio / Video Songs
Muthuvision - TV Videos - TV Videos & News
Sri Lankans Tube for SL Videos
Sri Lankan Tube for SL Videos (SL Videos)
Samira TV
Varuna Multimedia (IE or Chrome)
Torana Video Movies from M-Entertainment
Pathum Padeniya Web
"Gajaman Nona" from Rupavahini
"Isuru Bawana" from Rupavahini
"Maha Sancharaya" from Rupavahini

Sri TV Magazine (Video - Win Media) - from Australia
Sinhala Cinema Database

VIDEO : The magic of Laxmikant-Pyarelal
(06.07.2013 - - Duration : 41 min)
Cricket  >  Sri  Lanka
Ada Derana Sports Daily Mirror Sports
Sri Lanka -
- The Official Home of Sri Lankan Cricket
Cricbuzz Cricket365
Thatscricket Cricketnext
Icricketer ESPNcricinfo
Yahoo Cricket -
Cricket Stream for 24/7 : Cricket HD Streams 24/7 for all Tournaments TEST, ODI, Twenty20

Your  Health - Sri Lanka
Doc 990 (for Asiri, Singhe, Union Hospitals)
Hospitals in Sri Lanka - from :
SLT RainbowPages
Lanka Link

Online Healing from Vishva Shakthi Center - Sri Lanka
Pranic Healing - from The Pranic Healing Foundation of Sri Lanka

Web MD BBC Health
Reuters Health Medical Journals
Google Web Directory > Health

Healthfinder Travelers' Health MEDLINEplus
PubMed -

Wedananasala (Sinhala Unicode)
Wedananasala (Tamil Unicode)
Healthy Sri Lanka
- from Government Medical Officers’ Association (GMOA)
Glycaemic Indices of Sri Lankan Foods  =
- from the Department of BioChemistry - Faculty of Medical Sciences,
University of Sri Jayewardenepura, Nugegoda, Sri Lanka
Nutrition & Lifestyle
- The Official Blog of the Department of Nutrition, Medical Research Institute, Sri Lanka
Ayurvedic Medicinal Plants Database

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Helasuwaya from Natha Deva

Official Websites of SL Artistes
Over 35 Websites of Sri Lankan Artistes

Sri  Lankan  Web  Directories
Rainbow Pages from Sri Lanka Telecom
Find over 20,000 Products and Services, Contact Details of Over 1.5 Million individuals, Organizations
CDL  Sri  Lanka  Yellow  Pages - Web  Direc.
Kompass Business Search
Lanka  Link  Web  Directory
Lanka  Web  Directory  .com
Suntel wOw Directory

Food  Recipes
Indian Food Recipes

Buddha  Dhamma
Theravada Buddhist Centres & Infomation
Mettanet - Lanka (English & Sinhala)
buddhanet (English)
Buddhist Cultural Centre
(Online Book Shop)
Nedimala, Dehiwala, Sri Lanka
Official Websites of the Ven. Galigamuwe Gnanadeepa Thero :
[Our Buddhist] -•- [Bavana]
Maha Rahathun Wedi Maga Osse - Ven Rajagiriye Ariyagnana Thero - Bana



- (pdf & mp3)

- Ven. Ududumbara Sobhitha Himi -

Truth Is Within (You tube Videos)
- by Ven. yuttadhammo Thero
Buddha Jayanthi Tripitaka Series
- Pure Theravada Buddha Dhamma Exposed according to The Original Pali Canon
- Pali and Sinhala - PDF Files
(each from 35 MB to 168 MB in size)

Note : Required parts / sections of PDF files can be copied as images using "Print Screen" key in your keyboard ( "Snipping Tool" in Win 8 or "Screen Clipping" in MS Office OneNote 2007 , 2010 , 2013 ) and an Image Editing Program (eg : Paint, PhotoShop etc.)

• Dhamma Talks, Charts and eBooks

- from
[ Download Adobe Reader - To open PDF files ]

Sri Saddharma Mandiraya
- Online Buddhist Publication Center


Read (or Download) : Sinhala Books written by the Most Ven. Rerukane Chandawimala Maha Nayaka Thero :
- from

Maha Satipatthana Sutta :
In English - from
Audio & Pali/Eng Text - from
In Sinhala (Text-PDF & Audio mp3/zip)
- by Arisen Ahubudu
[ Download WinZip (to Unzip zip files) ]
Pirith & Gatha - from []
Pirith CD - Free - from
Jathaka Katha (English)
Jathaka Katha (Sinhala Unicode)
Dr. Chandana Jayarathna's Meth Saviya
Sinhala Bana (& Geetha) (Audio)
- from Savanata-Sisilasa
Dhamma Desana (Sinhala - English)
Global Sinhala Dhamma Conference
The Online Temple of Ven Olande Ananda Thera
Studies in Dhamma Vinaya
- by Bhikkhu Varado
Balangoda Ananda Maitreya Foundation
Dhamsara -
Download Buddhist Songs
(Sinhala MP3)  from :
- []  - []

Magic by Hashan Fernando :
[Website] - [YouTube]
Levitation by Hashan Fernando :
[Video 1] - [Video 2] - [ Video 3]

Magic by Criss Angel - YouTube

Search  WWW
[ Google ] - [ Yahoo ] - [ Bing ]

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Weather  >  Sri  Lanka
The Weather Channel > [Colombo] > [Sri Lanka] > [Colombo]
AccuWeather > [Sri Lanka] > [Western]  [Central]
[Southern]  [Northern]  [Eastern]  [North Western]
[North Central]  [Uva]  [Sabaragamuwa]  > ........ > [Sri Lanka] > [Colombo]
Satellite Images From :
( EDT – Eastern Daylight Time )
India Met. Dept. >  [INSAT-3D Satellite Images] -
[National Satellite Meteorological Centre - India] .
[AccuWeather - India]  [AccuWeather - Asia]  [Dundee]
Tropical Cyclones ...A Satellite Perspective
(From : Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Satellite Studies,
Space Science and Engineering Center, University of Wisconsin - Madison - U.S. state of Wisconsin)
- [Infrared - Indian Ocean - Meteosat-7]
Dept. of Meteorology - Sri Lanka
Latitudes & Longitudes
- of most Towns and Villages in the entire world (over 2 million places!) from Heavens-Above Web Site
Latitudes & Longitudes of Sri Lankan Towns
Space - Astronomy Web Sites :
[Heavens-Above] - [Others]
Time (UTC) - from Heavens-Above
The World Time Server [SL Time (+0530)]
Sri Lanka Standard Time (Gov. Web)
About Daylight Saving Time (DST)
"Sri Lanka Time Zone" Changes
- done in 1996 & 2006
Calendar for the year - 1999 to 2019

Worldwide  Earthquake  Activity
= Worldwide Earthquake Activity =
- Realtime Earthquake Map :
Earthquakes - 7 days, M2.5+ (from
[ WEB ]
GDACS (Global Disaster and Coordination System)
[ WEB ]
NOAA Pacific Tsunami Warning Center - Indian Ocean
[ WEB ]
NOAA West Coast & Alaska Tsunami Warning Center
[ WEB ]
NWS Tsunami Centers
[ WEB ]
NOAA Tsunami Web
[ WEB ]
Ocean Observation Centre (OOC) - Sri Lanka
[ WEB ]
Largest Earthquakes - Since 1900
[ WEB ]
Asia Earthquake Information - from USGS
[ WEB ]
National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) - Hawaii, USA
[ WEB ]
NOAA and The Indian Ocean Tsunami
[ WEB ]
International Tsunami Information Center (Hawaii, USA)
[ WEB ]
Indian Ocen Tsunami Weather Support (from NOAA / National Weather Service)
[ WEB ]
Apai Bath Pingana (Tsunami Song) By Sunil Edirisinghe

Exchange  Rates,  Stock  Exchange
&  Foreign  Embassies
Central Bank of SL - Daily Exchange Rates
OANDA Currency Converter
Colombo Stock Exchange (Official Website)
Banks in Sri Lanka
The List of Holidays in Srilanka - 2010
Sri Lanka Missions Abroad
Budget Speech-2011 (PDF files) :
[Sinhala] - [English] - [Tamil]
- on 22.11.2010 from

About  Sri  Lanka
Sri Lanka Tourism
From TradeNet - Sri Lanka
Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Sri Lanka
The Virtual Library of Sri Lanka => Sri Lanka
Lonely Planet World Guide
Library of Congress, USA
CIA - The World Factbook
Consular Information Sheet - U.S. Dept. of State
Columbia Encyclopedia
ReliefWeb - Country Profile - Sri Lanka

Lankapura - Historic Photographs of Sri Lanka (Ceylon)
The Mahavamsa - The Great Chronicle of Sri Lanka
Concise Mahavamsa
Lakdiva - The Pearl of the Indian Ocean
The True History of Sri Lanka
Voice of Sinhela
Sinhala place names for Tamilized names of cities in Sri Lanka

Yahoo Images > Sri Lanka

Sri  Lanka  Maps
Google Maps  >  [Sri Lanka]  >  [Colombo]
World-City-DB > Sri Lanka
(Note : "North Eastern" = North or East Province)
Sri Lanka Map Server

Travel  Portals  >  Sri  Lanka
Welcome To Sri Lanka - by Ari Withanage
Water Falls Network in Sri Lanka
Sri Lankan Waterfalls
Time Travel Lanka (Pvt) Ltd
Prime Destinations By Hemas Travels
Travelpura : The Hotel Reservation and Destination Guide of Sri Lanka - Check hotel room availability real time and make instant reservations using credit cards
atSriLanka Trip to Sri Lanka
Lakpura Travels Nuwara Eliya Bungalow

Sri Lanka Railways : [Check Your Train]

Call Lanka (Telecomm. facilities in Sri Lanka)

Airlines  - & -  Airports
SriLankan Airlines
International Airlines (Official Websites)
Search For Flights Between Any Two Cities
- [3500 Airport Codes]
Colombo International Airport, Sri Lanka
Flight Time Table - Arrivals & Departures
- Colombo International Airport
A-Z World Airports

Courier Services - Package Tracking

Business  Portals - The World's Largest Smartphone, Tablet, PDA, PNA, Netbook & Mobile Device Database
Keells Super - (Send Keells Gift Vouchers to Sri Lanka - No Additional Cost !)
Keells Super - Mobile Kapruka from Dialog Thilina Sri Lanka
ODEL SLT Teleshop Online Pizza Hut - offers the finest quality goods and unbelievable experiences at awesome discounted rates available in the local online market Singhagiri (Pvt) Ltd
Singer Sri Lanka -
John Keells Office Automation (Pvt) Ltd
Barclays Online IT Shop, Sri Lanka
Sala Enterprises - for Prolink Products
EPSI Computers (Pvt) Ltd
GADMEI Computer Technology
- for GADMEI Products (TV Cards, etc)
Sense Micro Distributors (for TP-LINK Products)
- online electronic component & module store
Metropolitan M Centre - The mall for branded electronics
Sampath Internet Payment Gateway Merchants

Sri Lanka Trade Portal from EDB
Sri Lanka Trade Information Network
- TradeNet
SME Portal
South Asia Gateway Terminals (Pvt) Ltd (SAGT)
- In the Port of Colombo
Sri Lanka Property Directory Lanka Jewels
Ganna Apei Dei - from Mawbima Lanka

JobsNet (a SL Gov. website)
JOBSEYE OWL - 1 Click, all jobs
Top Jobs JOBS for the best
High Technology Job Market - Sri Lanka

Lanka E -

Sampath Web Card :
A pre-paid VISA card from Sampath Bank, SL - for Sri Lankan citizens above 18 years - exclusively designed to make payments for purchases via the Internet there by reducing the risk of fraud. The card is re-usable by topping up to the desired value.

Sampath Vishwa :
The unique internet banking facility from Sampath Bank offers you a total online banking experience. Unlike regular internet banking, Sampath Vishwa is a complete online process that conveniently fits into your busy lifestyle.
[ More Info ]
A Step by Step Guide to Doing Business in Sri Lanka
- from the Central Bank of Sri Lanka (1943 KB - PDF File)

This publication contains the information regarding all major activities that have to be undertaken by an entrepreneur during different stages of business from opening and establishing a business to closure of its operations.
Bank of Ceylon Central Bank of SL
CitiBank Commercial Bank
DFCC Bank Habib Bank AG Zurich
Hatton National Bank HSBC
Merc Bank Merchant Bank of SL
National Development Bank
National Savings Bank Nations Trust Bank
Pan Asia Bank Peoples Bank
Regional Development Bank
Sanasa Development Bank
Sampath Bank Seylan Bank
Seylan Merchant Bank
Standard Chartered Bank - Sri Lanka
State Mortgage and Investment Bank
Union Bank x

For  Kids
Kids Search Engines :
[Ask Kids]  [Yahoo Kids]  [KidsClick]

[NASA] - [NASA's Visible Earth] -
- [NASA's Mars rover Curiosity] -
National Geographic
[Do It Yourself] - [Ask the Experts]
Homework Helper for Students
Learn How Everything Works
How to do just about Everything
MSN - Encarta for Learning & Research
Wikipedia - the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit
LearnEnglish - from the British Council

Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary
- 8th Edition - ONLINE
Cambridge Dictionaries Online
Merriam-Webster OnLine Search
The Free Dictionary by Farlex
Bee English Dictionary
English Language Laboratory - by Amarasiri Ganewatta
Sinhalen Ingreesi Egenaganna
Tri Lingual Dictionary (Online / Download 55.82 MB)
- from Dept. of Official Languages, SL [ WEB ]
Online Glossary System
- from Dept. of Official Languages, SL [ WEB ]
Madura Dictionary
* English > Sinhala Unicode
* Sinhala Unicode > English

English to Sinhala - Tamil Online Dictionary from Kapruka
Google Sinhala Transliteration
Sinhala Dictionary Resources

National Institute of Education - Sri lanka
- for Syllabuses & Teacher's Instructional Manuals
(Grade 01 to 13) (Sinhala-Tamil-English) (PDF Files)
• List of Educational Audio / Video Cassettes produced by the NIE
Sinhala PDF files : [Audio][Video]
Download Textbooks from :
Educational Publications Dept., SL
Rupavahini Jathika Pasala :
- [GCE OL and AL] - [Downloads] -
e-thaksalawa - The National e-learning Portal for the General Education
Download GCE Advanced Level past papers for Sinhala and English medium - from
IT Gurugedara - for AL ICT and GIT
skoool Sri Lanka SchoolNet - Sri Lanka
Student Sri Lanka Educational Network
Daham Sayura (for Dhamma Schools)
Shilpa Sayura (Local language e-learning and content platform)
Agripedia - A Free Encyclopedia on Sri Lankan Agriculture
ICT 4 Modern Agriculture - For Farmers and Agro Industries
Project SME Guide - A tool kit for small and middle level enterprises
Sri Lanka Sign Language - Teaching sign language to hearing impaired persons and their family members
Happy Life - A reliable source of information on Reproductive Health for Sri Lankans
Learn First Aid - Information on how to act when faced with danger and on how to resolve it - Srilankan Education Portal
Distance Learning Centre (DLC) - Srilanka Bibliomania
Education Forum (Sri Lanka)
University Admissions : Minimum Z-Score : Academic Year 2009/2010 - from UGC, SL
CourseNet : Are you after your A/L's or O/L’s ? looking to improve your resume, advance your career, or just learn more and expand your knowledge ? CourseNet empowers you to improve your life with education.

Sinhala Fonts & Sinhala Fonts Related Software
- from
gurulk : (  )
- Free Sinhala computer video tutorials and interactive multimedia demos on Web designing, HTML, Java programming, C, C++, PHP, CSS, Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Open source Systems, Ubuntu, Linux, Joomla, Wordpress, Windows 7, Windows 8 , VisualBasic and many more ...

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GCE O/L Examination 2015 - Results from :

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# අමරදේව ශූරීන්ගේ ගීත : [ ]  -  [ ] -

# අමරදේවයන්ගේ අවසන් කටයුතු (සේයාරූ / විඩියෝ)
# අමරදේවයන්ගේ දේහය නිදහස් චතුරස‍්‍රයේ - # අමරදෙව් සර නිසළවෙයි
= ජීවන රඟමඩලෙන් සමුගත් විජය නන්දසිරි සිරිමතාණෝ =

= Kawuda Eththa Kiyanne – 2016-08-16 [Link 1] - [Link 2] =
=• Parliamentary Election 2015 - Sri Lanka - 17.08.2015 •=

- [Dept. of Elections] - [] - [] - [] - [] -
=   Presidential  Election  Results  2015  (Sri Lanka)  =
From : - [Dept. of Elections] - [] - [] - [] - [] -
Mars Gigapixel Panorama
- Curiosity rover : Martian solar days 136-149
# Budget Speech 2017 - Part 1 (pdf) : English (2319 KB) - Sinhala (2927 KB)
VIDEO : National Budget - 2015
(from the Official YouTube Channel of Mahinda Rajapaksa, the President of Sri Lanka)

2015 Budget : Abundance of relief to all sectors
Budget Speech 2015 - Sinhala (PDF) - English (PDF) - from

Gov. of Sri Lanka Official Web Portal

Government  Websites - from

Gov. Infomation Centre - Sri Lanka  Lanka Gate
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